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How Works Elastic Tape

The scientific community isn’t entirely in the contract about how tape works. Basically, people used rigid tapes to limit movement, but experiment suggests this is only effective early in breather and that, as time passes, the rigid tape doesn’t hold as well.

This is also been exposed that tape helps with proprioception, or your body’s power to know where it is in space. It is important for every athlete because it’s what tells you where your arm is when you throw, or where your leg is when you kick.

The concept is that Elastic Tape will help you feel what parts of your body an injury is affecting. While there’s likely some truth to this, it’s just one part of the maze.

The Elastic Tape is also thought to abate pain, and while there’s likely a degree of the placebo effect engaged, it’s been a reliable friend to athletes for many years by lending support, providing relief, and helping them restore from injury.