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Medical Exam Gloves and the ASTM

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ASTM is a nonprofit organization that delivers a common ground for manufacturers, consumers, organizations, government representatives, and academia, to fulfill and write standards for variety of products, services, and materials. Its guidelines are completely recognized by the FDA. Consequently, glove manufacturers must conform to these standards to fulfill FDA requirements for the particular kind of […]

The FDA’s Power over Medical Exam Gloves

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Initially, the FDA focused only on regulating drugs. Now FDA regulations provide for the security, effectiveness, and proper use of all medical devices –including disposable medical gloves. The FDA itself doesn’t really compose standards for medical devices. On the contrary, it acknowledges guidelines written by other people, like the American Society of Testing and Materials […]

Exam Gloves And Medical Gloves

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Medical gloves are an essential gear in clinical surroundings, protecting both workers and patients. In reality, the Center for Disease Control recommends that all healthcare workers wear gloves as a safeguard against HIV and other blood-and-fluid borne infectious agents. To make sure medical gloves provide adequate protection, the Food and Drug Administration enforces a variety […]

Black Arrow Latex Exam Gloves

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Dynarex Black Latex Examination Gloves are ideal for law enforcement, correctional facilities, tattoo shops, and high-end beauty salons. They are also a good choice for light-duty maintenance when protection is required Maximum protection, puncture resistant, durable, tactile sensitivity, and comfortable fit Powder free to minimize skin irritation (≤ 2 mg residual powder per glove) Textured […]