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Guide to medical and Surgical Tape

When you are searching for medical tape on an online medical supply store or at a local drugstore, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices you have in front of you. If you have been to a hospital you would have found the following products.

Blenderm: Waterproof plastic that is clear; this is a flexible, occlusive tape which helps protect wounds from becoming contaminated and from outside fluids. It isn’t latex-free.

Durapore: Silk-like support that is powerful, with high adhesion to skin that is dry. This can be powerful and conforms to the unique contours of bulky dressings along with the body. It can be combined with more heavy tube and little splints. It is latex-free.

Medipore: Soft cloth surgical tape, it’s mild, breathable and conformable merchandise which comes in simple tear, perforated rolls. It can be used for bigger, bulky dressings as it’s really mild and may be used continuously. This is not latex-free.

Proposed Uses:

Fixing ostomy pouches and dressing on skin that is delicate.

Fixing around places where skin may stretch, including edema, distention or hematoma formation.

Water resistant foam merchandise which stretches in all ways. It functions nicely for securing dressings in challenging places. It’s latex-free.

It is breathable, mild and uses a rayon backing. It may be duplicated to exactly the same region of skin. It’s latex-free.

Proposed Uses:

Fixing tube that is lightweight

When continued taping is desired

Clear with a simple bi-directional tear. It’s perforated polyethylene film that quite readily tears into thin strips.  It is great for fastening tube. It’s not latex-free.

Methods for making the most effective use of medical tape:

Touch the tacky part as little as possible. When you place it down, use light and even pressure to the top to make certain it is in complete contact with all the skin. Apply mild but firm strokes across the whole strip of tape. It will help keep the tape edges from rolling or losing adhesion. Take care when using lotions and soaps as they will make the tape lose adhesion.