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Cotton Tipped Applicators

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Cotton/Rayon tipped applicator sticks and tips are manufactured to uniform length and shape Cotton tips are highly absorbent Sterile applicators are packaged in convenient peel-down pouches Bag is autoclavable with a colored auto claving process marker, turning reddish pink to brown

Bariatric Power Treatment Tables

Categories :Exam Room

The Bariatric Power Treatment Table is a stylish, sturdy table with a power-assisted caster system and a one-section top that provides comfort and easy access for the patient getting on and off. Bariatric Power Treatment Table is fully height-adjustable, making transfers and treatment easier for both clinician and patient. A bariatric treatment table, or bariatric […]

Why Use Povidone Iodine Prep Pad

Povidone-Iodine Prep Pads are an antiseptic and topical antibiotic. Povidone-Iodine is effective and painless which means it doesn’t hurt when applied to an open wound. So, it can be dirty. This makes it a different product for catheter users. Using a catheter in a public restroom is difficult enough without adding a dirty antiseptic wipe […]

Pillow Cases

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The word “Pillow” comes from Middle English Pillow, from Old English Pyle and Latin English Pulvinus. The word has been used in the first 12 centuries. A pillow is used to sleep on and support the head/neck or other parts of the body while sleeping, lying down or sitting. In addition, pillows have decorative uses […]

Oral Swabsticks

Gently cleans, moistens and refreshes mouth, teeth, and gums Raised foam ridges remove particles and mucous for enhanced oral hygiene Individually wrapped

How To Choose The Right Exam Gloves

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Choosing the right Exam Gloves for the right situation! With the heightened awareness of latex-allergy issues, many types of medical gloves are available to the end user. Each of them offers unique advantages, but at the same time, each of them comes with properties unique to the gloving materials. No single glove provides the perfect […]