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Why does anyone need an Elastic bandage?

An elastic bandage is used to give pressure to an injured body part. It helps to control swelling and reduces pain by giving support to the injured area. Sometimes you need to wear a splint or brace to give more support and protection during sports or other activities. This bandage is also used to hold […]

Why should we use surgical tapes?

Surgical tape or medical tape is commonly used in medicine and first aid. It is a type of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. It is used to hold a bandage or other dressing onto a wound or in places. Every First Aid Kit should have this tape in it. This type of tape is extremely useful and […]

Sensi-Wrap Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls, Individual Colors

A lightweight compression bandage ideal for treatment of a variety of injuries including sprains and relief bandaging of joints and other difficult-to-wrap areas No clips or fasteners neededadhesive wrap sticks to itself, not to other materials or skin Will not slip”bond” together for the strongest holding power Easily torn without scissors Individually poly bagged

Useful Information of Rolled Bandages

Medical bandage, gauze bandages same as rolled bandages are used for different types of cuts, injuries, wounds etc. Strong medical bandage, gauze bandages are used when moderate compression is required. These rolled bandages, gauze roll bandage and cotton roll bandage are used for different types of cuts, injuries, wounds etc. Strong these gauze roll bandage, […]

Paper Surgical Tape

Provides superior skin adhesion Natural, highly porous construction allows maximum breathability Tears easily for convenient use Latex free

Guide to medical and Surgical Tape

When you are searching for medical tape on an online medical supply store or at a local drugstore, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices you have in front of you. If you have been to a hospital you would have found the following products. Blenderm: Waterproof plastic that is clear; this […]