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Why you use Band Loops?

Typically the band loops continuous in 3” wide loop. Perfectly suited for number of applications. Notably lower body exercise to strength and balance. The band loop helps to strengthen muscles and very convenient to use. It has four resistance levels. It has four colors like yellow, red, green and blue. It also has 3 sizes […]

Why You Choose Shoe Covers?

Shoe covers come in many shapes and sizes for a variety of applications. Choosing the proper shoe cover depends on the work you will be doing and the work place environment. There are many Workplace that use disposable shoe covers. Hospitals are Many Workplace one of the most well known workplaces where employees are required […]

Cotton Tipped Applicators

Categories :Exam Room

Cotton/Rayon tipped applicator sticks and tips are manufactured to uniform length and shape Cotton tips are highly absorbent Sterile applicators are packaged in convenient peel-down pouches Bag is autoclavable with a colored auto claving process marker, turning reddish pink to brown

How to Choose the right Exam Gloves

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There are some design choices in the Exam Gloves that you can choose that will offer you a great amount of convenience and comfort . Dynarex Sterile Vinyl Exam Gloves offer unmatched comfort, strength and stretch. This is vary easy donning. Available in singles or pairs. Individual peel open package with inner wrap provides a […]