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Sidra Medical Supply

Oral Swabsticks

Gently cleans, moistens and refreshes mouth, teeth, and gums Raised foam ridges remove particles and mucous for enhanced oral hygiene Individually wrapped

Benefits Of Online Medical Supply Stores?

Online medical supply stores are a great place to purchase medications that are hard to find at a drugstore. Other than being easier to reach, online stores can save you time, money and possible embarrassment, whilst be allowing you to purchase your prescriptions. Online pharmacies will enable you to manage your drugs via systems that […]

Dukal Woven Cotton Gauze Sponges

Made of 100% woven cotton DUKAL offers a highly absorbent sponge which is ideal for a number of applications. Available in Sterile and Non Sterile our high-quality sponges can be used for general cleaning, dressings, prepping, packing and debriding wounds.

How To Choose The Right Exam Gloves

Categories :Exam Room

Choosing the right Exam Gloves for the right situation! With the heightened awareness of latex-allergy issues, many types of medical gloves are available to the end user. Each of them offers unique advantages, but at the same time, each of them comes with properties unique to the gloving materials. No single glove provides the perfect […]

VersaPro Nitrile Exam Gloves

Categories :Exam Gloves

Distinguishable purple color is ideal for work with small parts, chemicals, or in areas of low light, Outstanding resistance against a variety of chemicals and animal fats, Compliant with FFDCA standards for use in foodservice, Made from 100% synthetic polymer to alleviate latex allergy concerns, More resistant to puncturing than latex or vinyl

Paper Surgical Tape

Provides superior skin adhesion Natural, highly porous construction allows maximum breathability Tears easily for convenient use Latex free