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How to Choose the Right Cotton Tipped Applicators

Categories :Exam Room

From The specimen collection and lesion treatment to equipment maintenance and medicine application, medical professionals perform a range of duties every day each calling for a different set of tools. Choosing the Right Cotton Tipped Applicators Cotton Tipped Applicators are one of the most commonly used single-use devices in the medical industry, but how do […]

Safe-Touch Latex Exam Gloves – Powdered, Non-Sterile

Categories :Exam Gloves

Medical gloves are an essential gear in clinical surroundings, protecting both workers and patients. In reality, the Center for Disease Control recommends that all healthcare workers wear gloves as a safeguard against HIV and other blood-and-fluid borne infectious agents. To make sure medical gloves provide adequate protection, the Food and Drug Administration enforces a variety […]

How To Choose Cloth Surgical Tape

When choosing a Cloth Surgical Tape, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Below are some things to consider to help you make an informed choice so that you can get the right outcome for your needs. The primary purpose of Cloth Surgical Tape is to act as a protective barrier for […]

How to Buy Patient Bath Packs

Categories :Personal Care

If someone wants to buy a product, then be aware of this product and then use it. Know the quality, Product description, Know all the things.. Eight pre-moistened full-size washcloths packed in a handy resealable pouch Offers the ultimate in convenient patient bathing Eliminates the costs and mess associated with basins, soaps, creams and linen […]

Sterile Eye Pads

This eye pad is used to protect eyes from dust, air and harmful light after any small operation of the eye, injury or any disease. Following international standards, these eye pads are strictly tested by our qualified and expert team on various parameters to verify their exact value, before sending the final transmissions. It is […]