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Sidra Medical Supply

Dental Cotton Rolls

Dental Cotton Rolls made with the help of a complete automation machine. It is made of 100% cotton. It’s quite comfortable and full of absorption power. It Made from 100% high-purity absorbent cotton, pure white and High absorbing capacity. It is used in a wound after treatment of dental blood and after treatment of any […]

Treatment Table with Shelving

treatment table with shelving is a sleek, versatile table for use in virtually any medical office. True to its name, the easy-to-assemble (ETA) table is designed to meet all practitioners’ needs without the hassle of complicated assembly. The manner of shipping will be the choice of Clinton Industries and is Dock to Dock delivery. Additional […]

Nail Clippers

Categories :Personal Care

Nail clipper’s discovery was not yet known, but it was possible to make sure that it was discovered in 1875. Nails are an integral part of the human body and symbol of the unique beauty of the body. So it is important to take regular and proper care. Neil Clipps is one of the most […]